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Sabar Menanti Restaurant was founded by the late Haji Marlian Athar. Also known as Bagindo Marlian, Haji Marlian came to Singapore more than 57 years ago, rented a room in Palembang Road and set up a small food stall. The business grew into a modest restaurant that became very popular. Haji Marlian died in 1978 and the restaurant business was passed on to his children and wife, Hajah Rosmah Mailu. The family-run business has not changed hands ever since and has expanded to several branches, all managed by Haji Marlian's family, particularly his children.

In 1998, it was reported that there were altogether six nasi padang restaurants owned by the family. Three of the six stalls called Sabar Menanti Siang dan Malam were located at Kandahar Street and North Bridge Road. These were managed by four of Haji Marlian’s children: Yusmal, Rizal, Tarmizi, and Maryulis. His youngest daughter, Zubaidah, owned Rumah Makan Minang at the corner of Kandahar Street and Muscat Street. Hajah Ratnah, another daughter, ran two stalls called Hajah Ratnah Nasi Padang on Beach Road and Sultan Gate. Due to increased rent, Tarmizi moved his restaurant from Kandahar Street to Palmer Road near Masjid Haji Muhammad Salleh. However, it closed in 2017 for government redevelopment. In 2019, it was reported that the sole remaining Sabar Menanti is located at North Bridge Road.


Our Story





sabar menanti


Haji Marlian Athar and Hajjah Rosmah Mailu came to Singapore and operated their food stall selling nasi padang using a push cart. A friend who was a sailor presented them with a signboard for their makeshift shop. The signboard reads “Sabar Menanti” in Bahasa Indonesia which means “Wait Patiently”. 


The business blossomed from a push cart to a small restaurant at the corner of the Bussorah Street where the family ran the nasi padang business for the next 40 years.

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1960s & 1970s

Sabar Menanti Nasi Padang was a popular choice for many. You could spot the restaurant from the long line of customers waiting patiently for their Nasi Padang.


Haji Marlian Athar and Hajjah Rosmah Mailu passed on and their children Yusmal, Rizal, Tarmizi, Maryulis and Zubaidah continued the business under the Sabar Menanti brand.


Maryulis took off on her own and set up Sabar Menanti 2 at 747, North Bridge Rd. 

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After 26 years at 747 North Bridge Road, Maryulis had to relocate a few doors down to 737 North Bridge Road. She renamed Sabar Menanti 2 to Sabar Menanti. Her son, Iszahar Tambunan, now oversees the business.

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